Here are some of the projects with which I've been involved:

Reproduced by kind permission of Evanton Wood Community Company

Reproduced by kind permission of Evanton Wood Community Company


I carried out a Phase 2 vegetation survey here for Evanton Wood Community Company.  You can see the report here




I carried out a Phase l vegetation survey to inform the feasibility study for our community park project here in Strathpeffer.  This also included a walkover survey for protected species.  Here is the map:

You can read the survey report  here

You can read the survey report here


I worked with Merkinch Greenspace and the Local Nature Reserve management group to update the initial management plan.  This included an in-depth community consultation and involved building capacity among the directors of Merkinch Greenspace. 

You can find the management plan here


In 2015, working as one of a team of three, I revisited 164 out of 406 plots set out for the regular monitoring of the impact of grazing animals on the European protected features of the SAC, first carried out at this site in 2008. More information about the site is available here.


During this work we looked at quadrats of size 4 sq metres and also checked a larger area (approx 100 sq metres) around each quadrat for the abundance of deer dung. The survey was carried out according to the methods set out in MacDonald, A, Stevens, P, Armstrong, H, Immirzi, P and Reynolds, P (1998) A Guide to Upland Habitats Surveying Land Management Impacts Volumes 1 & 2. SNH Publications, Battleby, Perth and MacDonald, A J (2007) Addendum to the Guide to Upland Habitats: SurveyingLand Management Impacts. Commissioned Report to Scottish Natural Heritage Contract No, GS3399.

We assessed four qualifying interests within the SAC:

  • Alpine and Boreal heaths. In the Fannichs these were mainly National Vegetation Classification community U10 Carex bigelowii - Racomitrium lanuginosum moss-heath. You can see an example of this community here. Disagree with this classification or any of the others in the photos linked below?  Contact me to discuss.

  • Blanket Bogs. These are European priority habitats. An example of M19b Calluna vulgaris - Eriophorum vaginatum blanket mire Empetrum nigrum nigrum sub-community can be seen here.

  • European dry heaths. Here is an example of H21 Calluna vulgaris - Vaccinium myrtillus - Sphagnum capillifolium heath.

  • Siliceous alpine and boreal grasslands. Most of these in the Fannichs belong to the snow bed community U7 Nardus stricta - Carex bigelowii grass-heath.